Canyon & Prestigio Make Move to Capture Asian Market



While experts foresee China to become the biggest PC market in the coming years, Canyon and Prestigio are ready to make a strategic move into the Asian market. A partnership between ASBIS Group, the mother company of the two brands, and Aoni, will secure costs reduction and resource optimization; it is expected that earnings will double in 2010.

The recent opening of a warehouse in Shenzhen, China, was a first step toward a stronger presence into the Asian market. The management of Canyon & Prestigio is convinced of the benefits and growth potential of entering this region. Daphne Su, President, explains:

"Let's look at the facts. China is the world's largest and most populous country, with 1.4 billion people. This represents 20% of the planet's population. Moreover, many experts predict for this country an increase in retail sales in the coming years, a better access to Internet, and a considerable growth of volume of personal-computers sales. Canyon and Prestigio being provider of PC peripherals, expanding our operations and presence in China is the logical move to make."

Canyon showroomThe partnership between ASBIS and Aoni will create a new entity called Aosbis, which will be dedicated to the development of the brands in Asia.

"What is currently lacking in China: not a single brand can deliver more than three different product groups", confirms Forster Su, Product Planning Director. "Together with Aoni, we provide to the market more than five product lineups right from the start: webcams, speakers, headsets, computer mice, keyboard and mouse sets, and notebook bags. Moreover, we now own factories producing many products in our portfolio, which definitely gives us a competitive edge."

Furthermore, being closer to our selected partners will not only facilitate communication and extend collaboration; it will also contribute to a considerable costs reduction while optimizing efficiency and resources. This growth strategy will allow us to continue to provide well-designed and quality products to an increased number of people, as well as to enhance our capacity to deliver our brands' promises in the countries where we are active.

Prestigio showroomWhile the target to double our earnings in 2010 is challenging, the team strongly believe this is achievable: "We have the right resources in place to do so", said Daphne Su. A team of nearly 50 people will be working together in 2010 to realize the goals, in a new office recently constructed. The brands' portfolios also have been revised for this new market, in order to respond to its specific needs and requirements with a targeted offering.

"Canyon is currently sold in 72 countries around the world and I am delighted that we will soon enter the Chinese market as well. Being one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world, China is surely full of challenges. However, our team in Asia has been a pillar of our success in the past years, and I am confident we are well-equipped to grab a considerable share of the Chinese consumer market." – Geert van Dijk, VP Sales & Marketing, Canyon & Prestigio Corporate.

On the long term the team anticipates to further develop in South- and North-East Asia, as well as in Central and South America. New branch offices will also be opened to support the growth strategy in these markets. "This also provides us with a window to sell to the rest of the world in a near future", confirms Daphne Su.


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