ASBIS broadens its iSpace network presence

ASBIS broadens its iSpace network presence

ASBIS Group (WSE: ASB) – a leading Value Distributor, developer, and provider of ICT, IoT products, solutions, and services to the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), continues to grow its network of iSpace, Apple Monobrand stores.

The grand opening of the new iSpace with Status Apple Authorized Reseller occurred on June 27th in Yerevan. The new iSpace store is situated on the 1st floor of the Mega Mall, a multifunctional shopping and entertainment center in the city. This new iSpace store is the third Apple Monobrand store of the iSpace chain in Armenia, and there are a total of 33 showrooms within the global chain. The opening event included workshops and special gifts for attendees.

Earlier in June, ASBIS opened another iSpace showroom in Chisinau, Moldova at the Port Mall, making it the second Apple Monobrand store in the iSpace chain in Moldova.

The newly established iSpace store offers customers the opportunity to experience a wide array of authentic Apple products. In addition to the availability of original Apple products, customers will receive a manufacturer’s warranty upon purchase of any Apple device.

Customers are welcome to test and compare various Apple gadgets, such as iPhone cameras, Mac capabilities, AirPods, and Apple Watch, in-store. The store provides an extensive selection of accessories from Apple and other renowned brands to complement new purchases.

Furthermore, the store will feature expert-led workshops and specialized training sessions, including tutorials on utilizing iPhone, iPad, and Mac for social media promotions, such as filming, post scheduling, note-taking, and more. Additionally, the iSpace store offers nationwide delivery as a convenient option for customers.

Costas Tziamalis, Deputy CEO of ASBIS Group, commented: “We are excited to announce the grand opening of two new iSpaces in Moldova and Armenia simultaneously. Following the incredibly positive feedback from our previous launches in both countries, we are thrilled to see a high level of interest in Apple products from customers in Moldova and Armenia. At ASBIS, we are cognizant of the substantial potential of the Transcaucasia region and Eastern Europe, and are fully committed to establishing a strong presence in these dynamic markets.