ASBISC Enterprises PLC

ASBIS started to offer Luxriot Video Management Software to its customers in EMEA.

Luxriot Evo platform offers one of the best solutions for monitoring all available market verticals, from military and critical infrastructure to smart city and retail segments. The company specializes in enterprise-level solutions and provides complete flexibility in various settings, access, and control levels. They also easily integrate with third-party solutions like access control, server and edge analytics, and a wide range of camera manufacturers.

Luxriot Evo is extremely reliable, scalable, and efficient. We can offer all partners a stable, military-grade yet simple video and data management system. Backed by extremely competitive pricing and excellent technical/sales support, Luxriot EVO is a best-in-class solution. ASBIS has no doubts that cooperation with Luxriot will help our project partners to win the competition in many tenders and close huge enterprise-level deals.” – Tim Ganul, business development manager at ASBIS.

About Luxriot

Luxriot® is a leading developer of high-performance video and data management solutions, providing superior value to both private and public customers around the globe. Luxriot® Evo is a complete surveillance ecosystem solution for enterprises of any size. Offering the latest engineering advances and all the necessary tools for setting up an absolute situational awareness system, Evo is designed to provide fast and secure processing at any scale. Find out more at