ASBIS to present a comprehensive line of products and services for Mobile PC manufacturers

The Mobile PC market became the fastest growing segment of the computer market due to consumers' desire for mobility. According to a recently released report from The NPD Group's point-of-sale tracking service, May 2003 marked the first time that the dollar sales of notebook computers sold, surpassed the sales of desktop computers in U.S. retailers. Gartner analysts say, that over the next three years a 40 percent increase is expected in the mobile PC business, and in 2007 mobile PC shipments will equal traditional desktop computers shipments worldwide.

Visit ASBIS seminars: Build Your Own Notebook. October-December 2003ASBIS, one of the largest suppliers of computer components in the emerging markets of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, presents a comprehensive line of products and services for mobile PC manufacturers.

«The creation of exceptional relationships with local Tier3/Tier4 ОЕМs is the priority number one for our company», – said Sergey Kostevich, President and CEO of Asbis. – «We are continuously tracking IT market trends worldwide to provide our customers with cutting-edge technologies. Today we present the widest range of mobile solutions and services to OEMs and system integrators in every country we operate».

ASBIS strategy is to provide customers with a comprehensive line of products and services for getting started and to support them with manufacturing, branding and selling of mobile PC. This strategy means development in 2 main directions:
1) The distribution of a full range of computer components and building blocks from the world’s leading manufacturers.

    The Company’s portfolio includes everything to build leading-edge mobile PCs:
  • Intel mobile CPUs;
  • Mitac, FIC, Asus, A-Open, etc. barebones;
  • Kingston, PQI, SimpleTech memory modules;
  • Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Seagate mobile hard drives;
  • Toshiba, LiteON, Teac optical drives;
  • Intel and Canyon wireless solutions;
  • Microsoft software.

2) A package of additional services including:
    – Warranty service. ASBIS has an advanced network of service centers in the countries the company operates.
    – Manufacturing and design of mobile PCs. We can provide our partners with single source solutions, including packaging, labels, user’s manuals, etc.
    – Marketing. ASBIS can also provide key customers with diverse marketing services to promote their own brands.

ASBIS has one of the most advanced distribution networks in the EMEA region. It allows the company to serve the leading local manufacturers of desktop PCs, and servers. And now the company has a very attractive offer to the local assemblers of mobile computers.

ASBIS’ objective is to be the leading supplier of building blocks, and services to the mobile PC manufacturers. And the company has all the components required to reach this goal.

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