Western Digital has announced new platforms and updates to its data center system portfolio

Western Digital unveils new entry level all-flash NVMe array, high density storage and new features with OS upgrade

  • New entry-level NVMe array IntelliFlash N5100
  • New high density HD2160 all flash array, and high density expansion
  • Upgraded IntelliFlash OS 3.10 with new features like Live Dataset Migration and Amazon Simple Storage Service connector.

The N5100 closes entry-level niche of N-series arrays. According to the manufacturer, it refers to the mass segment of arrays for data centers. The array designed to work with NVMe solid-state drives Ultrastar DC SN200 with a capacity of 1.92 TB or 3.84 TB. The raw storage capacity reaching up to 92 TB, and can be further expand by 2U SAS all-flash or 3U hybrid shelves.

High density storage arrays now be more space efficient, by adding 15TB SAS SSDs. The new system HD2160 doubles the capacity of previous leader HD2080 in same 2U rack size. HD (High Densiny) series now include three platforms:

IntelliFlash OS being updated to new version. Release notes contain information about support of 15Tb SAS SSD, live dataset migration, Amazon S3 connector and performance upgrades.

“With OS 3.10, the N5800  doubling its performance, delivering best-in-class random performance amongst fully-featured mid-range all-flash arrays with up to 1.7M IOPS and latency as low as 200 µsec, resulting in significant business productivity gains through workload consolidation”, Western Digital said.

3.10 has introduced live dataset migration  iSCSI/FC LUNs from one IntelliFlash array to another with continuous availability of data and same management tool for all IntelliFlash portfolio. 

An Amazon S3 connector is added in v3.10 so that IntelliFlash volume snapshots can be sent to S3-Compliant targets, like Amazon Web Services or WD ActiveScale object stores. Customers can send/restore/share volume snapshots in AWS for hybrid-cloud capabilities.

Also IntelliFlash OS 3.10 include SMB3 enhancements for Windows File Server 2016 deployment on Hyper-V, Simplified management of large VMware linked vCenter, automating Windows storage management with Powershell Toolkit, and the IntelliCare cloud base predictive-analytics to maximize uptime.

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