ASBIS Group presents key products from its brand portfolio at the partner stand of 4PHONES company at IFA 2022 in Berlin from 2 to 6 September.

The ASBIS Brands portfolio will be presented at IFA Berlin 2022

The most in-demand and innovative models of hi-tech devices will be available for demo testing and discussion by business visitors. ASBIS started cooperation with 4Phones on the distribution of its portfolio brands since 2022.

ASBIS is a leading value-added distributor, developer and provider of IT and IoT solutions, hardware and software products, cloud-based services, and technologies to create viable offers of choice for partners, business clients and end-users. ASBIS has established a demanding quality control system, thoroughly testing products step by step before entering the consumer market. All products have the required certificates of conformity in the appropriate international formats.

The company focuses on creating, developing, and promoting a wide range of high-quality technology products from the portfolio of brands – AENO, Canyon, Lorgar, Prestigio, and Perenio. The product lines of all brands are formed on the basis of market research and customer needs. The young dynamically growing brand of smart home appliances AENO is represented by several product categories of smart devices: smart toothbrushes for personal hygiene, air purifier for easy breathing and comfortable microclimate, table blender and smart kettles for fast and tasty cooking, steam mops and robot vacuum for perfect cleaning, smart eco-friendly energy-efficient heater for low energy consumption and the ability to save up to 50% on electricity bills.

Among the product categories by Canyon, the brand of quality and affordable accessories for PC and mobile, the following groups of products will be available at the booth: power banks, wireless chargers, wall chargers, car holders and cables with different types of connectors. Lorgar, a brand of high-quality professional gaming devices aimed at bringing the gaming experience to a new level, showcases gamepads, webcams, headsets, microphones and a mouse for immersive play.

Prestigio, the consumer electronics brand, showcases car video recorders (DVRs), automatic wine openers and wine set of accessories, as well as the unique world's first touchpad keyboard Click&Touch, recognized for user-friendly product design by the prestigious international Red Dot Awards. Perenio, specialized in the Internet of Things and Smart devices, presents PERENIO IONIC SHIELD™ Cold Plasma Emitter with CoV capsule of complex metal ions to reduce and suppress the level of viral concentration in the enclosed area of application (air and surfaces), as tested and confirmed by accredited laboratories.

ASBIS is committed to offering business clients and partners innovative high-demand technology products. The company provides quality, affordable and reasonable cost and advanced engineering. This ensures success in the most competitive and developed markets.  

Meet the ASBIS team at IFA at the 4PHONES partner stand (102b hall 6.2A) and see for yourself!  

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