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Take AI to the next level with Dell PowerEdge and the newest accelerators

Demanding use cases require the optimal compute approach. With the emergence of AI, Machine learning, deep learning, data analytics and visualization, as well as increased workforce access to more business resources, IT can now choose to leverage GPU acceleration. Dell PowerEdge R760xa servers are designed and built for accelerated workloads to boost graphics operations and collaboration.

Accelerated Insights – the leading edge of innovation from PowerEdge Servers

Here are a few of the improvements in the PowerEdge portfolio:

  • Focus on Acceleration – Support for the most complete portfolio of GPUs, delivering maximum performance for HPC Modeling & Simulation, AI-ML/DL training and inferencing, analytics and rich-collaboration application suites and workloads
  • Thoughtful Thermal Design – New thermal solutions and designs to address dense heat-producing components, and in some cases, front-to-back air-cooled designs
  • Dell Multi Vector Cooling – Streamlined, advanced thermal design for airflow pathways within the server
  • Dell Direct Liquid Cooling – Extending liquid cooling support across more PowerEdge servers and their CPUs for exceptional heat removal capability

Dell PowerEdge R760xa server maximizes results from AI to Modeling & Simulation applications with maximum flexibility and the latest 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors.

R750xa is optimized to tackle GPU workloads and deliver outstanding performance for demanding and emerging applications.

  • Maximize performance
  • Front-to-back air-cooled design
  • R760xa supports up to 12 Single-wide GPUs or 4 Double-wide GPUs, up to 350W 
  • Supports all GPU cards

Innovate, adapt, grow, and accelerate the GenAI Revolution with Dell PowerEdge.