New systems are designed to make your data center infrastructure better

Supermicro launches the H13 Generation System portfolio, powered by AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series Processors.

The new H13 Supermicro product line, based on 4th Generation AMD EPYC™ CPUs supports a broad spectrum of workloads and excels at helping a business achieve its goals, which are highlighted here:

  • Best business outcomes across industries and workloads
  • Highest performance x86 server processor
  • Leadership x86 energy efficiency
  • Assurance of confidential computing
  • A significant ecosystem of solutions

The new H13 product line from Supermicro enables all organizations to take full advantage of AMD's latest CPUs. Ranging from a single processor to the latest in blade technology and from 16 cores per socket to an amazing 96 cores per socket, Supermicro has a server designed for your workload. With the increase in the amount of memory that can be addressed and the performance of the memory sub-system, applications can access more data faster. The increase in core count numbers and clock rates results in a faster time-to-solution and more performance per watt. The Supermicro H13 product lineup is designed for workloads that range from the Edge to the data center.