Seagate® launches new SV35 and Pipeline HD™ video storage drives


Seagate launches new SV35 and Pipeline HD™ video storage drives

Hot trends in video surveillance 
High definition video is not just about entertainment. The growth of IP surveillance cameras continues while a newer HD standard, using legacy analogue security cameras and coax cable called HD CCTV, gains momentum. In either case, it's clear the video surveillance market's insatiable need for capacity continues. 

New SV35 2TB capacity meets market needs 
Seagate's release of the new 2TB SV35 hard drive is a welcome addition to the family. Still the industry's only drive optimised specifically for video surveillance applications, the SV35 Series™ offers 24×7, high write work load performance, with rock solid reliability. Delivering more than 1M hours MTBF*, low predicted AFR* of less than 1% and backed with a 5 year warranty, SV35 drives are the de facto standard for video surveillance storage applications. SV35 drives also include the new SATA 6Gb/s interface and are available with a 64MB cache to further optimise performance and reliability. 

New high capacity Pipeline HD in 1.5TB and 2TB 
On the consumer video front, Seagate adds 1.5TB and 2TB capacities to the popular line of Pipeline HD drives. High definition video in the home continues to explode. HD TVs and the set top boxes, DVRs and game consoles that deliver this experience are a key element of the HD experience. Pipeline HD drives meet the needs of entertainment storage with cool running, whisper quite operation, low power consumption and the capability to serve at least 10 simultaneous, 20Mb/s, high definition video streams. Now with 1.5TB and 2TB capacities, system builders can design the high-capacity solutions consumers want. 

Seagate offers the best choice of drives for system builders designing consumer electronics video solutions. Contact your distributor for more details today. 

*Mean Time Between Failure 
*Annualised Failure Rate