Czech technology startup Perenio IoT revealed the benefits of its product with a New Year’s video where a pair of stylish olders are going on vacation.

Perenio IoT shot Ukrainian “lifelovers” in the New Year’s advertisement of Smart Home

In 1-minute video GORGEOUS JOHN and GLAM ROSE prepare for a winter trip and install smart gadgets at the same time. So they will have no worries about the house during their absence. With funny footage of riding a monowheel, preparing a snowboard, trying on hats and cleaning, the characters open a set of Perenio safety devices, install a mobile application and place sensors with cameras in the right spots. A wonderful Christmas vacation is waiting for them, and their house remains protected.

A fan video is a key part of the digital campaign Perenio. It's easy. Try it. Do it. Its goal is to tell the audience about the possibilities of using Smart Home technologies and their accessibility.


Through non-standard characters (the main characters of the video were not professional actors, but models from the agency at the “Lifelover” Ukrainian Charitable Foundation), a Czech startup wants to increase brand awareness among a progressive audience and to show the ease and pleasure of using Smart Home devices. And also Perenio IoT wants to remind that gadgets can be not only the purpose of thoughtless consumption, but also a space for fun and creativity of people of any age.

The Internet of things technology allows us to run towards new emotions, travels, and at the same time be sure that the situation at home is always under control — just look at the screen of your smartphone. It is available to everyone in today's world. All you need is a mobile application and several sensors that anyone can easily install on their own. We wanted to disclose this idea in a video and send it to our audience, so we chose the format of cooperation with the “Lifelover” Foundation, whose mission and principles impress us,” says Sergey Kostevich, Perenio IoT Business Development Director.

The main goal of the “Lifelover” Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Adult Models Agency is to show that beauty is beyond age and other restrictions. Beauty is a person’s internal state and the result of the attitude to life and readiness to be open for everything new.

Tina Mikhailovskaya, co-founder of “Lifelover”, noted that she appreciates joint projects with brands that want to bring not only commercial but also social messages to people: “The mission of our foundation is to show that age is just a stereotype. Adults can live actively, not be afraid of time and be a part of the modern world. We are pleased that more and more brands in their campaigns are turning to our adult models and showcasing the beauty and aesthetics of the age.

The video's idea belongs to the Perenio IoT team. The video was made in Kyiv during one shooting day. The digital campaign will cover most European countries of brand's presence.