PROMISE Technology Ships World's First Thunderbolt Storage Solution


Pegasus RAID Storage with Thunderbolt

PROMISE Technology Inc., a leading supplier of versatile RAID storage solutions catering to customers from enterprise to consumer, is now shipping the Pegasus line of high-performance RAID solutions featuring new Thunderbolt(tm) Technology. PROMISE Pegasus comes in 4-bay and 6-bay configurations ranging from four to 12TB capacity and is available for order today through the Apple Online Store.

Pegasus brings a new level of performance, connectivity and simplicity to the market enabling both consumers and media professionals to store and edit video and play multiple streams of uncompressed 8 and 10-bit HD video on the new line of Thunderbolt-enabled Macs. Pegasus also greatly improves the ability to manipulate and edit, and to do real multi-tasking, like editing multiple streams while also moving large files to the host system.

"Apple and Intel have worked together to deliver new technology that far exceeds anything previously available," said James Lee, PROMISE CEO. "PROMISE is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the industry's storage offerings. We are enabling connectivity the world has never seen before."

"Thunderbolt sets new standards for speed, flexibility and expansion," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "The new Pegasus RAID with Thunderbolt  delivers pro-level performance in an affordable package, perfect for use on location or in the studio."

Designed from the ground up for media and entertainment customers, Pegasus offers superior speed and throughput in a form factor small enough for a desktop, and is available in 4-bay and 6-bay aluminum enclosures with up to 12TB of raw storage. Utilizing Thunderbolt technology high-speed I/O, Pegasus can deliver performance up to 864MB/s. The Thunderbolt technology provides 10Gb/s (1.25GB/s) bi-directional, dual channel bandwidth, which is more than 20 times faster than USB 2.0 and 8 times faster than FireWire 800.

Pegasus gives Final Cut Studio creative professionals the ability to edit and playback multiple streams of uncompressed 8-bit and 10-bit high-definition video on a Thunderbolt-enabled Mac. Pegasus can also provide massive storage space for other popular Apple applications such as Aperture, iPhoto and iMovie and is fully compatible with Time Machine.

Pegasus Product Highlights

  • Blistering Performance, Unparalleled Flexibility for Mac Professionals and Artists – With over 800 MB/s of performance, amateur professionals, audio engineers, photographers and video post production engineers benefit from the extreme performance of Pegasus with Thunderbolt Technology.
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Manage – Pegasus comes preconfigured out of the box for fast, easy set-up to store music, photos, videos and documents or ingest and edit production video. Managing Pegasus is effortless with a new — made for Mac OS X management software.
  • Storage for the Digital Home – With two channels of bi-directional 10 Gb/s performance, Thunderbolt Technology enables backups to happen while editing of videos or playlists is taking place. Pegasus provides massive storage space and fast performance.
  • Ultra Quiet and Eco-Smart.
  • Pegasus is RoHS compliant; in simple terms Pegasus is eco-friendly, keeping harmful lead out of the environment and our delicate ecosystems.

Sporting a new enclosure design, an 80Plus power supply and an active fan management, system noise is never an issue making Pegasus ideal for desktop, small office environments or any room in the home.

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