Stunning Viewing Experience with LCD TV P260MWB/MWS

Prestigio launches new HD ready 26" LCD TV – P260MWB (black body) / P260MWS (silver body). This model has great brightness level and contrast ratio that bring pleasure even to the most sophisticated users while watching TV shows, movies or news.

Prestigio P260MWS / MWB LCD TV 100% supports Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP) functions, which allows you to watch various TV channels simultaneously. Programs will be displayed in individual smaller rectangles on the screen.

              Stylish elegant looks                              Slim shape in black and silver colors          Widescreen display for better view

LCD TV P260MWB / MWS is designed for users who dream about home theatre, but haven't enough place to put bigger screen. The brightness level of this LCD TV model and contrast image on display from any source (TV, video, DVD player) will spur your imagination and transfer you to a new world.

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