Inno3D GeForce GT 220 & 210 for everyday graphics


 Inno 3D GeForce GT

Inno3D® are excited to launch the Inno3D® GeForce® GT 220 & GeForce® 210 that brings impressive graphics processing power to your PC for everyday applications and at an affordable price

Graphics processing has become an essential ingredient to the modern PC. Nowadays, we simply demand more from our PCs to deliver beautiful graphics, fantastic video, crisp responsive photo editing and a Premium Windows 7 Experience. 

GeForce GT 220

  1. Processor Cores: 48
  2. GPU Clock (MHz): 625
  3. Processor Clock (MHz): 1360
  4. Memory Amount: 1Gb
  5. Memory Interface: 128 bit

GeForce 210

  1. Processor Cores: 16
  2. GPU Clock (MHz): 589
  3. Processor Clock (MHz): 1402
  4. Memory Amount: 512 MB
  5. Memory Interface: 64 bit
  6. Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): 12.6 DDR3, 8.0 DDR2
  7. Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec): 4.72

The new Inno3D® GeForce™ GT220 and G210 surpasses its’ predecessors with astonishing 3DM Vantage benchmarks while achieving optimised performance with all the latest features in the market. These two new entries to the 200 series pack quite a punch when comparing the shaders. GT220 has around 50% more shaders than 9500GT, and 210 100% more than 8400GS.

Key Features:

  • NVIDIA® Unified Architecture
  • NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Support
  • DirectCompute Support
  • OpenCL Support
  • NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD technology
  • High Definition 1080p Display Support
  • NVIDIA® PhysX® technology
  • Dual-link DVI, VGA & HDMI 1.3a output
  • Dual-link HDCP Capable
  • PCI Express 2.0 support
  • Microsoft DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.1 support
  • OpenGL 3.1 support


Superb Graphics

Modern games and 3D applications demand more graphic performance than every before and Intel integrated graphics simply isn’t enough. The Inno3D® GeForce® GT 220 packs 48 processing cores into a compact power efficient design delivering up to 30x the performance of Intel integrated solutions. In order to play today’s top PC games it is essential to equip your PC with the Inno3D® GeForce® GT 220 & GeForce® 210

Fantastic Video

Get all the video processing power that your digital lifestyle requires. Edit your home video and post it to Facebook or YouTube 4x faster with the Inno3D® GeForce® GT 220 & GeForce® 210. Convert your video and put it on your iPod in minutes instead of hours or make your DVDs look like HD.  

Premium Windows 7 Experience

Graphics processing units (GPUs) are an essential element of today’s PCs, enabling more visual and more interactive experiences. As a leader in visual computing and the inventor of the GeForce GPU, NVIDIA worked closely with Microsoft on the development of Windows 7 to ensure that its GPUs take full advantage of the great new features and functionality. If you use your PC to enhance photos, watch or edit videos, play games, or if you simply desire a fast and efficient graphical interface, Inno3D offers a premium experience with Windows 7.




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