Designed for 2nd Gen AMD EPYC

GIGABYTE Releases Servers with PCIe 4.0 Drives and Support for Broadcom Tri-Mode Storage Adapter

GIGABYTE Technology, an industry leader in high-performance servers and workstations, announced six new rack and high-density servers (R182-Z93, R282-Z94, R152-Z33, R272-Z34, H262-Z6A, H262-Z6B) for the AMD EPYC™ platform that garner considerable boosts in high-bandwidth flash storage, as well as flexibility for data center needs. The updated technology in the servers add extra performance as they target Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Virtualization, Business-Critical Workloads, and more.

Key Features of New Servers:

  • All new servers support PCIe Gen 4 for all front drive bays and onboard M.2 slots
  • Broadcom® Tri-mode storage adapters supported: R152-Z33, R272-Z34, R182-Z93 and R282-Z94
  • All new servers have silicon-based hardware Root of Trust
  • Green tabs on bays to indicate PCIe Gen 4 U.2

As part of the evolving nature of drives in high-performance workload servers, GIGABYTE has included support for Broadcom Tri-Mode Storage Adapters. This technology allows for the use of PCIe, SATA, or SAS storage devices in bays connected via an adapter in a PCIe slot. At the same time, fault-tolerant functionality is available for greater protection of data. In a 1U chassis (R152 or R182) a single Broadcom adapter is supported, and in 2U chassis (R272, R282) two adapters are supported. Broadcom storage adapters supported: R152-Z33, R272-Z34, R182-Z93 and R282-Z94

Secure Boot Process:

GIGABYTE has begun implementing a security module in the Socket-on-Chip (SoC) to ensure a secure boot process. As a system turns on, the security subsystem initializes to protect against firmware attacks by checking BMC/BIOS’s encrypted signature and SPI flash for compromised firmware. This Root of Trust (RoT) is on all six new servers, more to come.

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