Prestigio launches a new original product – Digital Wallet

Limassol (Cyprus), October 17, 2007 — Prestigio Technologies Ltd., a dynamic international vendor of state-of-the-art products for Digital Home and Digital Office, has announced a release of the product that comes as a multifunctional device serving two major aims – presented as a stylish leather wallet for storing cash and business cards Digital Wallet has got one unique feature to boast of – fitted inside hard drive gives you a unique opportunity to store up to 100 GB of precious data and have it with you no matter wherever your destination is.

Style versus function – is it a matter of priorities? The ultimate Digital Wallet by Prestigio is a unique product in which trendy and sophisticated style meets functionality. Designed as a stylish wallet for storing business cards and cash, Digital Wallet has got one exclusive feature – hard drive fitted on the right side of the wallet which stores your precious data and let you have it on the go no matter wherever your destination is.

In an array of portable data storage devices Digital Wallet has got no rivals to compete with. Unbelievable functionality has never come in a trendy, appealing and, well, that cool packaging. Tailored for men that value hi-tech products but keep style-minded the new exclusive Prestigio Digital Wallet will be a perfect gift solution. Ultra-weight and tiny in size with the fitted inside hard drive one thing Digital Wallet isn’t small on is capacity. Able to hold up to 100 GB this mobile data storage device is an ultimate solution for men that work on the go and need to have their data available immediately.

The marriage of impeccable yet classic style and modern mobile technology creates unique products that serve for special People. Prestigio Digital Wallet fits the range perfectly aiming at those who value incredible comfort and outstanding quality featured by elegant style and fashionable design, at those that value themselves and make no more compromises between function and style.

Product features:

  • Stylish leatherette wallet with many compartments;
  • 40, 60, 80 or 100 GB capacity Pocket Drive II inside;
  • Unique fashion product for trendy men

About Prestigio

Prestigio Technologies Ltd. is a highly dynamic IT company providing Digital Home and Office consumer solutions to the market. Having started as a small R&D subsidiary of ASBIS Group, during the last several years Prestigio has become a supplier of unique hi-tech solutions and products to consumer market. Digital Home and Digital Office are the two main focus areas of the company. Investing in the combination of "The Art of Hi-Tech" (solutions where hi-tech products become works of Art), the company has uniquely positioned itself on the market. Currently headquartered in Cyprus, Prestigio actively operates in the EMEA region through representative offices and business partnerships located in key business centres of the region and offering its customers an excellent portfolio of cutting-edge IT products and value-added services.

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