Dell Technologies elevates partner rewards with the new and improved Dell RISE Partner Program

Dell Technologies introduces new edition of RISE Partner Program. The new incentive period started from 3rd February 2024 with updated and simplified rules.
When partners join the RISE Incentive program, they earn dollar (USD) rewards every time they purchase an eligible product from Dell Technologies through ASBIS.

On top of their core rewards, partners can also benefit from a rewards multiplier of up to 1.6x when they hit their unit sales thresholds. The multiplier will apply right back to the very first unit they’ve purchased in each incentive period, so it can make a big difference to their total reward earnings. Partners will also have many opportunities to earn bonus payments.

RISE rewards accumulate over each Dell 13-week incentive period. At the end of each incentive period, partner rewards are paid in the form of ASBIS e-vouchers or credit notes, depending on their total RISE earnings.

If a partner earns $750 (USD) or more in the incentive period they can get a credit note from ASBIS. If a partner earns less than $750 (USD), they will be able to exchange their RISE rewards for ASBIS e-vouchers.

How Partners can Multiply their Rewards

When partners achieve their unit thresholds for PCs+Displays+Peripherals, Server+ or Storage+, they can multiply their rewards by up to 1.6x. The reward multiplier thresholds operate separately. For example, a partner can achieve their PCs+Displays+Peripherals threshold, and be paid up to 1.6x their PCs+Displays+Peripherals rewards, without the need to achieve their Server+ or Storage+ thresholds.

Other updates

  • No more RISE groups: earning rewards has never been easier;
  • New bonuses: on a wide range of eligible Dell Technologies products 
  • Higher rewards for ALL RISE partners: earn up to $15,000 (USD) every incentive period 

To find out more about Dell RISE, get the detailed RISE guide and obtain a welcome bonus for your first purchase visit the RISE page on ASBIS website.