Dell Introduces Comprehensive Portfolio of Copilot+ AI PCs

Dell Introduces Comprehensive Portfolio of Copilot+ AI PCs

As part of the Dell AI Factory’s growing AI devices and infrastructure offerings, Dell expands its broad portfolio of AI PCs and workstations with the introduction of the most Copilot+ PCs powered by Snapdragon® X Elite and Snapdragon® X Plus processors. This brand-new class of devices transforms the AI PC experience with extraordinary performance and battery life, upleveled productivity and powerful security. Dell new laptops, XPS 13, Inspiron 14 Plus, Inspiron 14, Latitude 7455 and Latitude 5455, offer a range of consumer and commercial options that deliver exceptional speed and AI performance to elevate computing and simplify tasks.

With AI processing locally on the device across the custom-integrated Qualcomm Oryon™ CPU, premium GPU, and neural processing unit (NPU), Dell’s new AI PCs offer:

  • Groundbreaking battery life, to search, create and communicate without a worry.
  • 45 trillion operations per second (TOPS) of performance on the NPU, to run AI tasks more efficiently.
  • Instantaneous results when searching the content using on-device Copilot. 

XPS 13 is the first XPS to feature Copilot+ powered by Snapdragon X Elite. The already iconic laptop now has powerful on-device AI that delivers cutting-edge responsiveness and impressive speed for navigating demanding workloads and freeing up time to be more creative and productive.

New Latitude AI laptops with Copilot+ feature Snapdragon X Elite 12-core and Snapdragon X Plus 10-core processors, packing game-changing performance and exceptional battery life for today’s busy worker.

Dell Copilot+ PCs take productivity, creativity and communication a step further. With new exclusive AI experiences powered by the Snapdragon X Series platforms, you can take back time in your day and focus on the tasks that matter most.

To complete the AI ecosystem Dell offers two new keyboards, featuring a dedicated Copilot key for quick access to Copilot, an everyday AI companion.

  • The Dell Silent Keyboard and Mouse (KM555)—ideal for open office environments—provides silent typing, clicking, scrolling and gliding, in a space-saving compact design and offers up to 36 months of battery life.
  • The Dell Wired Collaboration Keyboard (KB525C), the world’s first wired collaboration keyboard for Zoom and Microsoft Teams,12 features dedicated keys designed for seamless performance during conference calls including microphone mute/unmute, video on/off, screen share and chat.

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