A huge new Cygnett folio case range for the Apple iPad Air

Cygnett goes big with iPad Air


Cygnett iPad Air folio and stand cases

Cygnett iPad cases

Cygnett is very excited about the upcoming release of Apple iPad Air and pleased to offer a huge range of new folio and stand cases, with different functions and aesthetics to enhance the much-anticipated device. Inspired by the book jacket, minimalism, earth elements, origami and classic bespoke craft, Cygnett has a new iPad case for nearly every user’s style and needs. The extensive Cygnett range for iPad Air includes:

  • ARCHIVE/CLASSIC (Retail price $49.99 USD/£34.95 GBP/$69.95 AUD) This dual-view stand case is the perfect book jacket for your iPad, crafted from quality materials with a subtle perforated design for an archivist aesthetic. (Black and Burgundy.)  
    Design Inspiration: CONTEMPORARY TOME; book depository look fused with contemporary tech functionality. 
  • NODE (Retail price $39.99 USD/£24.95 GBP/$39.95 AUD) is a slim, basic folio case made using a hardwearing woven fibre material. It features a stand with both viewing and working angles, an elastic closure and a handy inner document pocket. (Grey and Brown.) 
    Design Inspiration: BAUHAUS UTILITY; an economical use of marled canvas, referencing sleek, modern apparel. 
  • CACHE (Retail price £34.95 GBP/$59.95 AUD) is a low profile, convertible stand case using feather-light and durable frosted canvas. The hand-stitched cover converts to landscape view, with an anti-slip microfiber inner, dual card holders and a slim PC case. (Grey and Red.) 
    Design Inspiration: EARTH; natural materials and textures of the landscape, with a palette of earth and stone.  
  • PARADOX SLEEK (Retail price $39.99 USD/£29.95 GBP/$49.95 AUD) has a clever folding stand design for flexible viewing positions. It features a snap-on case, rubberised cover and microfiber inner. (Black, Pink, Yellow and Light Grey.)  
    Design Inspiration: MINIMAL GEOMETRICS; inspired by foldable, functional and geometric furniture and interiors.  
  • PARADOX TEXTURE (Retail price $49.99 USD/£34.95 GBP/$59.95 AUD) has a dual-pyramid folding stand design for flexible viewing positions. The surface pattern mimics cracked granite, with a soft-touch finish. It features a snap-on case, rubberised cover and microfiber inner, 
    Design Inspiration: NATURE TECH; collision of advanced technology and nature, in a palette of rock and sky.  
  • PARADOX LUX (Retail price $69.99 USD/£49.95 GBP/$79.95 AUD), an origami-inspired case, can be folded into multiple stand angles. It has graceful lines, microfiber inner, precision moulding, hand-painted accented edges and finely-finished stitching. (Black/Purple edges and Red/White edges.)  
    Design Inspiration: JAPANESE GRACE; its form follows the lines and minimal material thickness of folded origami paper.  
  • VINTAGE (Retail price $59.99 USD/£34.95 GBP/$79.95 AUD) This case has a classic tailored design with contrasting dark and light vegan leather, a stand with both viewing and working angles and a magnetic strap to keep the cover closed when not in use. It features inner document and card pockets. (Black/Tan)  
    Design Inspiration: CLASSIC BESPOKE; tailored garments and artinisal luggage, in a classic black and tan palette.