CANYON Notebook Stands Reviewed in Serbia

A notebook stand is ideal to avoid tiredness, neck and back pain that is so common among laptop users. CANYON has a few models in its portfolio to meet the needs of different users, and two notorious websites dedicated to the IT industry in Serbia recently reviewed them: the CNP-NS2, the CNP-NS1 and CNP-NS3. Overall, reviewers like the competitive prices and the practicality of the notebook stands.


The very popular website recently published a review of a CANYON Notebook stand. Here is the reviewer’s conclusion of the CNP-NS2: “This laptop stand is a very important part of equipment for everyone who spends a lot of time working on the computer because it offers the possibility to adjust screen and keyboard position. The Canyon CNP-NS2 is very interesting and affordable. It is suitable for the users of laptops up to 15.4’’.”

The CNP-NS2 features an ergonomic wrist rest to relieve stress and weight off the shoulders and arms. This notebook stand easily flips open to use on virtually any surface and includes a 4-port removable USB 2.0 HUB for your convenience. This stand enables you to elevate the notebook to seven different height levels so you can position the display as desired, for an optimized viewing and typing.


Another model of Notebook stand in CANYON’s portfolio, the CNP-NS1, was also mentioned on the corporate blog of Personal Magazin in Serbia. The Web Editor for the online magazine bought the CANYON notebook stand for his own personal use and he wanted to share his experience with his readers. “Overall, it is a great, practical and affordable product.” The review is very positive and compares the CNP-NS1 with another notebook stand, the Cooler Master, one of CANYON’s competitors: “With the CANYON model, you have the impression that you get more than from the Cooler Master…”

The CNP-NS1 notebook stand allows the positioning of the screen at an eye-level with a viewing angle close to 0° – a position recommended by ergonomics experts. The stand features a 360° rotating swivel base for your convenience as well as an ultra silent cooling fan to improve heat dissipation for a maximal performance and system stability. Simply plug the USB port directly into your laptop to activate the fan when needed, and put back the cable in its very practical storage compartment when you are done. The CNP-NS1 is suitable for notebooks up to 17”.


CANYON also has another model available, the CNP-NS3, which is a portable and adjustable stand for your notebook. It is ideal for users frequently on the go because of its lightweight and compact design, and it is suitable for notebook up to 15.4”. It also features a USB-powered cooling fan, just like the CNP-NS1. According to (December 2008), CANYON’s CNP-NS3 “is an obvious choice for heavy laptop users. Besides a more natural angle for your keyboard, this stand also provides additional cooling to prevent overheating. The affordable price of this notebook stand is a main reason for us to recommend this product.” –

To optimize your comfort and productivity, it is recommended to use a notebook stand together with an external keyboard and mouse.


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