Breaking Ground in Code Security: OpenText™ Unveils Fortify Audit Assistant 2.0

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OpenText™ announced the launch of the second generation of its cutting-edge cybersecurity auditing technology. In the face of increasing complexity and threats in multi-cloud environments, today’s developers are turning to Fortify Audit Assistant, OpenText’s solution that embeds security at the code’s inception. This ensures the development of robust, secure, and reliable software systems.

Major Updates:

  • Proactive model drift management with quarterly updates;
  • 30+ language-specific models for comprehensive coverage;
  • Enhanced understanding of a company’s unique environment.

Fortify Audit Assistant adapts to the ever-changing threat environment, automating processes to address model drift and delivering updated models each quarter. It now offers flexibility to learn from a company’s unique data privacy needs and boasts expansive model expertise via language specification for improved performance in both on-prem and cloud environments.

In this next generation, Fortify Audit Assistant goes beyond scanning and identifying vulnerabilities; it considers the nuances of scan results, ensuring speed and efficacy in audits are greatly improved.