ASBIS will distribute Ai-RGUS health monitoring software that is specialized for security camera systems supporting over 50 different manufacturers.

ASBIS has entered into a distribution agreement with Ai-RGUS for the EMEA region.

Ai-RGUS is a US based company which has developed a unique and automated solution for routine health monitoring of large CCTV deployments. It uses Artificial Intelligence and custom-built software to automatically catch camera view problems; camera/NVR/DVR misconfigurations or failures; wrong timestamp; and missing or not enough days of recordings, so organizations don't have to spend lots of time doing it manually. 

The health monitoring solution designed by Ai-RGUS is a great value-add for integrators working on large CCTV deployments and for large project owners. It saves time and reduces expenses on routine camera checking. The solution also eliminates the human factor as no camera will be missed due to the regular and consistent verification of the entire system and automated alerts when there are even minimal performance issues. There is a big market for such an efficient solution.” – Tim Ganul, business development manager at ASBIS.

About Ai-RGUS
How do you know if every part of your camera system works as intended? Ai-RGUS is the leading software solution to answer this question using the latest AI, computer vision, and custom integrations, For more information, visit the company’s website at