ASBISC Enterprises Plc

ASBIS signed a partnership agreement with Vortex Global in EMEA

Vortex Global is a Canadian company that offers the best business software to compress live video streams, pre-recorded and archived video, and images without any quality loss. Vortex’s video compression technology is highly sought after in cases of live streaming with limited cellular coverage. In addition to reducing the quantity of data to be transmitted without losing quality; the video compression solution saves costs by reducing data consumed over cellular networks and enabling more streams to be transmitted over limited data packages. Vortex integration with leading brands of VMS, Cameras, and several providers of video analytics is a testament to the quality of enterprise video compression software.   

We are thrilled with the opportunity to offer the market such an efficient solution. There is a growing demand for live video monitoring of buses, taxis, and trucks Worldwide. It also has demand in smart cities, ports & airports, defense, oil & gas, banking and telecom verticals.” – Tim Ganul, business development manager at ASBIS.    

About Vortex Global

Vortex Global is a Canadian software company, backed by defense industry experts, with major strategic partnerships across the globe. It offers communications and surveillance solutions for industrial, commercial, public safety, aerospace, and government sectors. Vortex Global software integrates seamlessly into existing systems, works with existing hardware, and is adaptable to the needs of many industries and projects. Vortex Global solutions are designed, developed, and deployed to optimize the protection of people, high-value assets and critical infrastructure while significantly reducing bandwidth consumption and both acquisition and operating costs. For more information visit Vortex Global at