VISION Technology from AMD enables a range of highly responsive PCs designed for an incredible digital entertainment experience.

AMD is the only technology company in the world that creates both leading-edge processors and graphics solutions. If the processor is a computer's heart, giving it life and keeping things running, then graphics is its soul.

And that's the unique advantage of VISION Technology from AMD—a heart and soul that work together in perfect harmony to deliver a superior entertainment experience. And when Windows® 7 combines with VISION, everyday tasks are fast, easy, and more enjoyable. 

 Everyday Use with VISION Technology: listen to music, e-mail friends, surf the Internet, view photos, or watch DVDs and online videos.



Everyday Use with VISION Technology − Premium. Your photos, websites, and HD movies will look outstanding, with support for as many as one billion colors, plus crisp images that look incredibly lifelike


  • Watch Blu-ray® or vivid HD Films
  • Create photos and videos quickly and easily 
  • Play smooth life-like games          
  • Enjoy fast and responsive multitasking
  • Increase your performance with multi-core processors

VISION – Premium is a great choice for PC users who already know their way around tweets, streams, and uploads. 

But if you want a really serious entertainment experience, consider systems with VISION – Ultimate.

VISION Technology – Ultimate. VISION – Ultimate offers more discerning users the cutting-edge, high-definition performance they need to enjoy-and even create-rich, vivid, superior  HD entertainment.



These systems sport high-end multi-core processors and top-quality discrete graphics cards that feature DirectX® 10.1 for high-definition realism that puts you right in the middle of the action.

  • Crisp, smooth detail when streaming from online movie services or playing the latest Blu-ray movies
  • Record live TV to enjoy when and where you like
  • Immerse yourself in 3D games with life-like graphics and quick-response action
  • Enjoy music and movies in 5.1 surround sound (or better)
  • Create your own HD movies and music to share with the world

VISION Technology from AMD lets you enjoy a more vivid and smooth visual experience by combining cutting-edge processing and video power.



ATI Eyefinity technology enables you to experience 3D gaming, mega-tasking, and creative production applications on up to three monitors

Enabled by DirectX® 11 support in the latest ATI Radeon™ Graphics (ATI Radeon™ HD 5400-series or better), unleash massive power in today's advanced 3D games with next-generation effects

With the true multi-core processing power in VISION Black, you can work and play without limits in Windows® 7

Recommended Components for VISION Black Technology from AMD

AMD Phenom™ II X6 + ATI Radeon™ HD 5700 Series + Any AMD chipset (recommended AMD890FX or AMD890GX)