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Infortrend breathes new life into SCSI-based storage environments

October 21, 2009

Infortrend breathes new life into SCSI-based storage environments

Allows Users to Increase Storage Performance while Lowering Operating Costs



Allows Users to Increase Storage Performance while Lowering Operating Costs

Infortrend EonStor G6Infortrend®, the networked storage expert, (Public TPE: 2495) today added two new single-controller, SCSI-to-SAS/SATA subsystems - the EonStor S12U-G1440 and S16U-G1440 - to its EonStor G6 series. Boosted by Infortrend’s new-generation ASIC667 RAID engine and combining Ultra-320 SCSI host connectivity with flexible SAS/SATA hard disk drive choices, the two models enable users to increase the productive lifespan of their existing storage infrastructure with improved performance, scalability and flexibility. The two new subsystems advance the throughput power of SCSI-based arrays to such a level that they can easily and successfully deal even with the most data-intensive applications.

For more than 20 years, SCSI has been the predominant storage protocol in data centres; with the release of these two new SCSI-host models, Infortrend allows users to adopt new technologies while protecting current investments. The Infortrend S12U and S16U subsystems provide four SCSI host ports and can be populated with either SAS or SATA drives. They offer organisations the flexibility to create a tiered storage strategy that cost-effectively meets the needs of different applications. High-availability SAS drives cater for mission-critical applications while cost-effective SATA drives can be deployed in near-line backup, distribution, or archival environments. The S12U and S16U also feature increased scalability: when a single subsystem can no longer offer the necessary capacity, users can increase its storage capacity with expansion enclosures or by daisy-chaining additional Infortrend S12Us or S16Us or other SCSI devices. Connected with expansion enclosures, the 12-drive S12U and the16-drive S16U can support up to 84 and 112 drives respectively.

The Infortrend S12U and S16U are also equipped with CacheSafe technology, intelligent drive spin-down technology and high-efficiency power supplies, each a standard feature on all EonStor G6 models. CacheSafe safeguards cached data during power outages; when encountering a power failure, the ‘Cache Backup Module (CBM)' writes all cached data to the flash backup module (FBM) for permanent retention, eliminating the common 72-hour battery power limitation that can cause data loss. The intelligent drive spin-down technology intuitively adjusts the hard drive rotation rate by detecting the I/O activities. Combined with the 80 PLUS Silver-certified power supplies that help to improve energy efficiency by over 85%, the enhanced power-saving features allow users to maintain and even increase their storage performance while lowering operating costs. 

"Expanding our EonStor G6 family with the addition of the S12U and S16U subsystems proves that Infortrend cares about and meets our users’ needs while also responding to market trends," said Thomas Kao, product planning and global marketing director at Infortrend Technology. "Expecting that SAS will soon replace SCSI as the prominent DAS protocol in data centres, many of our competitors have stopped upgrading or even selling their SCSI-host offerings altogether in recent years. This has created a dilemma for users: on the one hand they are not suitably prepared for this technology transition, while on the other their current SCSI systems cannot meet the demand for increased performance. Our two new SCSI-to-SAS/SATA models are ideal to help users navigate smoothly through the transition period. Until they fully upgrade, the enhanced subsystems can satisfactorily help customers to deal with their application needs and maintain their business competitiveness."

InfortrendAbout Infortrend: Infortrend, the networked storage expert, is a pioneer in cost-effective, high performance storage products. The company provides ESVA™, EonStor® storage solutions and SANWatch® software for virtually all storage interfaces including Fibre Channel, SAS, iSCSI, SCSI and SATA. For over a decade, Infortrend has provided reliable, fault-tolerant technology to prominent ODMs, distributors, and storage integrators worldwide. The company's core competency includes performance optimized RAID ASICs, feature-rich firmware, and redundant, high availability RAID subsystems and storage solutions. Founded in 1993, Infortrend is traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (Taiex), ticker number 2495. For more information, please visit


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