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Reviewers Agree: Canyon ‘Ski Master’ is a Must-Have!

November 26, 2008

Reviewers Agree: Canyon ‘Ski Master’ is a Must-Have!

CANYON’s CNS-SW3, the ‘Ski Master’, is highly appreciated by the reviewers for its multi-functionality and sportive design, and is agreed to be an ideal gadget when heading to the mountains.

GORINCHEM, the Netherlands – CANYON’s CNS-SW3, recently generated media coverage in Croatia and Slovenia. The ‘Ski Master’ is highly appreciated by the reviewers for its multi-functionality and sportive design, and is agreed to be an ideal gadget when heading to the mountains.

In the November 2008 edition of one the most notorious sports magazines of Slovenia, SOKOL Sports, the ‘Ski Master’ watch made the headlines. The reviewers definitely perceived the added value of such watch for skiers and snowboarders:

“In the hardest condition, this wrist-watch will tell you how high you ski and where is the North, East, South or West. It measures pressure in an area and you can even predict the weather with the integrated barometer… Before you go on a steep slope, the special function ’Ski Mode’ shows you the percentage of steepness the mountain has (from 5° to 90°). That’s not all; you can also measure how fast you did in a single round.” – SOKOL Sports

A great article about CANYON’s CNS-SW3 was also published on the website of T-Mobile in Croatia, T-Portal, dedicated to general news, culture and trendy products. According to the reviewers, this sports watch is the ideal solution for the upcoming holidays and ski season:

“This sports watch has special options specific for skiing, such as slope setting, lap trigger, lap memory, altitude range, ascending and descending speed and travel time. Overall, this gadget is equipped with all a skier needs… We are definitely pronouncing this watch as the gadget of the day!” –T-Portal, a T-Mobile website.

The ‘Ski Master’ is a complete, multi-functional watch for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking. It is a cool gadget to monitor your performance or just for the fun of feeling like a pro. The CNS-SW3 makes you well-equipped to face mountains and their slopes. Here are the watch’s features:  

Ski Mode:

  •   Slope angle setting 5° to 90°;
  •   Automatic ski lap memory;
  •   Maximum lap duration of 100 minutes;
  •   Maximum memory of 50 laps;


  •   Starting at -10°C to 60°C;
  •   Celsius and Fahrenheit conversion;


  •   Range of -706 to 9164 meters;
  •   24 hours history ;
  •   Accuracy of one meter;

Digital Compass:

  •   Digital bearing reading clock;
  •   Accuracy of one degree out of 360 degrees.


  •   Range of 300.0 to 1100.0 HPA/mbar;
  •   Accuracy of 0.1 HPA/mbar;

All the data are easily readable day or night, thanks to the display with EL-backlight. Plus, the watch is made of a sturdy and strong housing to prevent damages that may be caused by shock, water or dust. The CNS-SW3 watch is part of CANYON’s Sportsline.

The Sportsline
As CANYON promotes an active and dynamic lifestyle, the Sportsline was conceived for sports enthusiasts at all levels. If you appreciate functional, user-friendly and affordable products, this line-up is for you. We offer personal fitness solutions such as watches, GPS devices, pedometer, electronic compasses, and more. Our products have advanced features to help you monitor, understand and improve your performance for a more efficient work out. Resistant to shock, water and dust, our products are durable and are great partners for your sportive activities.

CANYON is a cheerful, young and dynamic lifestyle brand that thrives to make life more comfortable by offering a wide range of practical, easy-to-use and affordable IT-related consumer electronics and computer peripherals to the many people. Our product range is developed with our commitment to offer beautiful and stylish product design at competitive prices, without compromising the quality. Founded in 2003, CANYON is one of the world’s fastest growing brands in its industry in Asia and the EMEA region.

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