CANYON introduced stylish white and orange notebook bag

CANYON introduced stylish white and orange notebook bagCANYON recently introduced a white and orange notebook bag in its portfolio, the CNR-NB3W. This new design & color scheme is available since October, and is already popular among young, trendy people.

The stylish CNR-NB3W notebook bag is trendy and practical, and complements a modern lifestyle. It contains a padded pocket to protect your computer and several compartments to carry around your water bottle, mobile phone, books, papers, etc. The bag is lightweight and features a comfortable shoulder pad as well as convenient handles The CNR-NB3W is an affordable packing solution for notebook sizes up to 15.4”

Since this notebook bag has been introduced, it has generated positive media coverage. The Serbian website, among others, published a review of this newcomer in CANYON’s portfolio.

Canyon offers several notebook bags that feature interesting design and high quality. We recently seen the model CNR-NB3W, a messenger bag intended for younger users. The bag has a cool, colorful design and is made of a water resistant, easy to clean material. Overall, while the bag does not provide anything new or innovative, its quality offers a long-term usage with limited wear out. We liked the material – few manufacturers offer this possibility. Keeping in mind the affordable price, there are no reasons to not give the CNR-NB3W all our recommendations.” –

CANYON introduced stylish white and orange notebook bag


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