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Press highly evaluate 2nd Generation of AMD A-series processors “Trinity”

October 30, 2012


Press highly evaluate 2nd Generation of AMD A-series processors “Trinity”

Just after official announcement 2nd Generation of AMD A-series processors “Trinity” gathered a nice collection of awards from press in EMEA region.


 AMD A-Series Processors
“AMD has done a great job with focus on the APU and integration. At this rate next year it will almost certainly see Kaveri, the third generation of APU's graphics, which will be based on the Graphics Core Next architecture and HSA improvements that allow the GPU to the CPU to access memory works. Meanwhile, delayed Intel Core i3 has chosen the wrong moment to appear on the market, because with such powerful APU's at very affordable prices big competitor has no business in this segment.”
Award: Value for Money award
“An overclocking potential of the A10 APU and the entire platform is, as we have seen, very good and will definitely attract PC enthusiasts for whom every extra megahertz is essential.”
Award: PC Ekspert Recommends award
“It is interesting that although the manufacturing process remained the same, as it was for the Llano platform, Trinity is a lot more energy efficient. The fact is that if you are looking for an entry-level gaming platform, Trinity delivers the performance beyond the competition. You can always buy additional graphics; however, this high quality platform will do the job just fine on its own.”
“AMD has fulfilled their promise made with acquisition of ATI, to completely merge the GPU into the CPU.”
Award: Best Buy award
“We know that in some CPU tests and in term of power consumption, Intel is still better, but in term of GPU performance AMD is the leader. In that light, as in case of previous Llano generation we can strongly recommend new Trinity A10-5800 APU to everyone who is able to take advantage of its graphics performance.”
Award: Cool Product; Recommendation
“With the availability of the APUs in the market, AMD redefined the idea of on-chip graphics, bringing next-generation graphics inside the processor silicon, with DirectX 11, GPGPU and multi-monitor support.  AMD is able to offer an excellent price/performance ratio. Their market positioning is aggressive and if we compare the APUs with the Intel Core i3 offer, we can see that AMD offer a quad-core CPU at the price of a dual-core one, also including quality graphics.”
Award: 5 Stars award
“In summary, we can say that the job AMD did is positive and there is a step forward towards the previous architecture and its competitors’. The product is valid and solid, but most of all it is balanced, providing a CPU featuring good power capabilities and a GPU which, when needed, it will be very satisfying, especially for casual gamers.”
Award: Best Buy award
“The new Trinity APUs, based on Piledriver architecture, which is an evolution of Bulldozer, proves to be a good step ahead if compared to previous solutions, offering overall higher performances with similar consumption levels. This makes Virgo very interesting for those looking for a modern and versatile system, with good overall performances, without spending a lot of money.”
Award: Best Buy award
“AMD's new Trinity series of APU's is, with improved performance and a new architecture, quite unique. A combined chip which packs both fine computing power and good graphics is any mediacentre owners dream and can also be used in the semi-gamers PC, maybe along with an additional graphicscard in crossfire.”
Award: Product of the year Gold award
“If you want to have a budget desktop for everyday work and play games with built-in graphics, and you think that dedicated graphics is an uncertain luxury, then the latest AMD APU has the most efficient built-in graphics available on the market.”
Award: Good Product award
“If we look at the AMD A10-5800K as a whole then the overall rating will be very positive. Today’s market doesn’t offer anything near that at a competitive price.”
Award: 4 out of 5 stars award
“The new platform is a new opening and gives a new perspective. The APU A10-5800K will be an ideal solution for PC to provide home multimedia centre.”
Award: IN4 Recommended award
“The obvious advantage of the new platform is its strong graphic part that with the support of OpenCL applications can significantly help CPU to deal with computational tasks. When four cores have difficulties, other 384 go to the rescue. Intel can no longer fight with such a numerical superiority. In gaming applications the novelty gives to the competitor not the ghost of a chance.”

“It's a very scalable product that will offer much game performance to users seeking more than an economic and versatile machine. It has a significant improvement in overall performance and more specifically on its graphics performance with the use of high frequency DDR3 memories. Starting in 1866, the improvement in bandwidths is remarkable and with DDR3-2133 memories the improvement is spectacular. Every GB we add of bandwidth translates into a clear percentage of improvement in graphics performance that can go up to a 10-15 per cent increase.”
Award: Recommended Quality/Price award
“AMD strengthened its APUs as much as possible. The new Piledriver processor design increases the performance drastically.”  
Award: Editor’s Choice award
“In terms of the power consumption, AMD was not that successful before, but with Trinity, AMD is a step forward from Intel in terms of the power consumption.”
Award: Price / Performance award
“AMD A10 -5800K started a new era with its performance. This APU will mess up the processor world, the competition will rise and we’ll be able to see more CPUs with more performance. It may be bad for our wallets but very exciting for the technology world.”
Award: Silver award

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