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ASBIS launched an unusual internet campaign «IBM DISCovery!»

March 18, 2002

ASBIS launched an unusual internet campaign «IBM DISCovery!»

ASBIS launched an unusual internet campaign

ASBIS launched the rich-media internet campaign «IBM DISCovery!» in 7 countries simultaneously (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine). It is the first campaign for Eastern Europe, where the effectiveness of the rich media ad is 30 times higher than traditional banners’ average rate: 14-15% CTR for the reach media against 0.5% for old-school animated banners.

This campaign continues ASBIS experience in applying advanced internet technologies for demand generation tasks that every IT distributor faces. Along with the banner campaign, “IBM DISCovery!” includes the incentives for ASBIS customers who purchase IBM technology group hard drives.

Initially, rich-media modules were placed and tested on all 17 ASBIS’ local websites. “IBM DISCovery!” campaign Flash banners float over the regular site content and therefore they virtually cannot be missed or ignored. User interacts with them, and able to dismiss banners finally to continue reading. Meanwhile, they don’t slow down website content loading — banners are downloaded afterwards.

According to multiple industry studies, rich-media banners are much more cost-effective in terms of customers contacts gained. Moreover, Flash technologies usage leads to 340% increase of click through, and 71% increase of the brand metrics (Source: DoubleClick Inc., and Millward Brown).


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