Unique offer on the hard disk drive market – the best ever price for Hitachi Vancouver 2. Hitachi Deskstar 180GXP

Unique offer on the hard disk drive market

Hitachi Deskstar 180GXP (OEM model)

It’s important for customers and business partners to be able to rely on HITACHI as their HDD vendor for the right product at the right time, the right quality at the right price, generation after generation. There’s no doubt that hard disk drives for OEMs always come to manufacturers after the deepest tests. That’s why we offer you HITACHI Vancouver 2 made especially for the Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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  • Manufacturer: HITACHI GST
  • Access Time: 8.5 ms
  • Capacity: 40 GB
  • Interface: Ultra ATA/100
  • Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM
  • Transfer Rate: 699 Mbit(s)/sec
  • Cache Size: 2 MB
Deskstar 180GXP awards