ASBIS Bulgaria has received the 1 place as the ‘Best IT Distributor’ on the Bulgarian market.

The independent research company CBN has conducted the Bulgarian IT market study. Its aim was to show how the disti companies in Bulgaria are positioned in the opinion of their own customers, as well as the evaluation of the product lines they are offering.

ASBIS Bulgaria occupies the #1 position as the ‘Best IT Distributor’ on the Bulgarian market. 35.1% of the companies nominated ASBIS on the 1-st place, the second is MOST Computers with 24.7% of dealers vote. ASBIS was recognized as the ‘Most Respected IT Distributor’ with 36% against 16% for the the second place company.

ASBIS is also #1 in category ‘Best Service’ and #2 in categories ‘Best Store’, ‘Best Prices’, ‘Most purchased from’. ASBIS get the title of company with the HIGHEST IMPROVING MARKET POSITION – 70% of dealers/resellers have given that assessment, which is the highest among all listed disti companies.

ASBIS is best supplier for HDD (47,4% dealers vote) and CPU (42.7%), #2 for motherboards (26%), #3 for VGA cards (14,9%) networking (15.1%) and servers (15.4% after HP and IBM).

Five from ASBIS Product lines management received over 90% of customers approving and are among Top 10 product lines on the market.

Four from ASBIS Sales Manager are in Top 10 Sales Managers on the market and two of them occupied the first two positions.

ASBIS has a big potential to continue our growth on the market adding new product lines, support and ideas.

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