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ASBIS Serbia Moves to New Web Domain

July 08, 2008

ASBIS Serbia Moves to New Web Domain

The company’s website will now be available at

ASBIS Serbia has moved its website to the new Serbian national domain. The company’s website will now be available at The old Yugoslav-domain web address will still be available over transitional period until 2009 to ensure smooth transfer. The same concerns all corporate email addresses.

After the disintegration of the union of Serbia and Montenegro on June 3, 2006, the International Standards Organization (ISO) issued new country codes for Serbia (RS and SRB) and Montenegro (ME and MNE). In accordance with ISO-3166-2, the two countries were also given their own country-code top-level domains. The .rs domain will be used to designate Serbia and the .me domain will designate Montenegro.

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