ASBIS recognized by SEG for action to combat the climate crisis

ASBIS recognized by SEG for its efforts in addressing the climate crisis

According to the Corporate Climate Crisis Awareness Study results, ASBIS was listed in the top 20 public WSE-listed companies with the most climate-conscious corporate strategies in 2023. Additionally, ASBIS’s climate awareness index has increased. The scoring process involved analyzing the contents of annual reports against ten main criteria related to climate issues.

ASBIS has been recognized as a Climate-Aware Company for the third time since 2020, with high results. During these years, ASBIS focused on a green strategy, reflected in the internal socially responsible campaigns, logistics, and packing issues. This year, ASBIS organized eco-focused events and expanded its trade-in business unit Breezy, which helps reduce e-waste and carbon emissions and saves the planet’s resources.

As a global business player, we recognize the importance of climate change and the need for effective environmental management. That’s why responsibility and eco-sustainability are important elements of our operation. Year after year, we develop innovative campaigns and mechanisms to help reduce pollution levels. We are proud that every member of our global team shares our care of the environment and is aligned with our mission”, – Costas Tziamalis, Deputy CEO of ASBIS Group

About the report
Corporate Climate Crisis Awareness Study is a project run by the Foundation for Reporting Standards, the Polish Association of Listed Companies (SEG) and Bureau Veritas Poland.