ASBIS further expands its portfolio of intelligent solutions for home/office, with Midea brand

As part of this partnership, ASBIS has launched a new model from Midea – Smart Bladeless Tower Fan & HEPA Air Purifier with Remote Control via mobile app. This state-of-the-art appliance with smart options in one sleek and stylish design, making it the perfect addition to any home or office.

The Smart Bladeless Tower Fan & HEPA Air Purifier with Remote Control and several more fans from Midea are available for purchase through ASBISc’s distribution network in Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

ASBISc Enterprises Plc, a leading Value Add Distributor, developer, and provider of IT, IoT products, solutions, and services to the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), announced that Midea, a leading manufacturer of intelligent home appliances, has joined the company’s portfolio of smart brands. The companies signed a distribution agreement to expand the product offering, and country placement, and bring innovative, high-quality appliances and the latest in smart home technology to customers.

Midea is a global leader in the manufacturing of smart home appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and more. The brand is known for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to quality, making it a perfect selection for the ASBIS product portfolio.

“We are excited to bring the Midea brand to our business clients, customers, and end-users. The first novelty is an innovative product combining three main functions in one – smart remote control, bladeless tower fan, and air purification. The Midea Bladeless Tower Fan & HEPA Air Purifier with Remote Control is a good solution in the upcoming summer season for use at home and in the office for B2B clients: hotels, cafes and restaurants, and beauty salons. We work with online and offline marketplaces, DIY stores, and the B2B segment. ASBIS is always ready for new offers for product portfolio distribution,” – said Andrei Kazennau, ASBIS’s business development manager for the Air conditioning and Heating product category.

The Midea Smart Bladeless Fan offers the ultimate in comfort and tranquility with its exceptionally silent speeds! The maximum speed of the air can be felt up to 10 meters away. This fan is ideal for use in a large room. Customized airflow is possible with an oscillation function. Users could also set up the oscillation feature to be stationary or rotated by 60 degrees. 

The bladeless design is not only visually appealing but also safer and easier to clean. Additionally, the unit’s compact size makes it easy to move and store. This device is perfect for anyone who wants to improve the air quality in their home or office while enjoying a cool and comfortable environment.

The Midea Smart Bladeless Fan also purifies the air you and your family breathe using plasma ion technology and HEPA filters that meet strict certification standards. Advanced technology ensures powerful airflow and effective air purification, removing dust, pollen, and smoke. 

Built-in smart sensors precisely detect ambient temperature and automatically deliver the wind you need due to SensiCool Technology. Programmed sleep mode automatically dims the display and provides three selective wind modes with the lowest noise at 38 dB.

The remote control via a mobile app allows users to adjust the fan speed and air purification level wherever you are, while the built-in timer and sleep mode ensure convenient and energy-efficient operation. Smart remote control via a mobile app allows users to take care of the indoor climate and air quality for their family and loved ones even when they are not around. Smart control is available via Wi-Fi or Amazon Alexa voice control.

ASBIS looks forward to continuing its partnership with Midea to bring customers more exciting future products.

About ASBIS 

ASBIS Group is a leading Value Add Distributor, developer, and provider of IT, IoT, and Robotic products, solutions, and services to the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Headquartered in Cyprus, the group has offices in 40 countries, employs more than 2 500+ professionals, and serves 20 000 B2B customers in 56 countries worldwide. The distribution network of ASBIS is based across CEE, FSU, Gulf, Caucasus, and Africa – replenished via four master distribution centers located in the Czech Republic, Georgia, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. Products in the ASBIS brand portfolio have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot: Product Design awards. Among such recognized AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater and Prestigio Touchpad Click&Touch Keyboard. 

About Midea

Midea specializes in air treatment, refrigeration, laundry, large cooking appliances, large and small kitchen appliances, water appliances, floor care and lighting. Midea’s products touch the lives of millions of people and families through air treatment, refrigeration, laundry, small and large kitchen appliances, water appliances, floor care, and lighting. Midea understands that the home is a special place, and the moments people spend there are precious. Each year, Midea wins 40+ design awards at different global design shows such as Red Dot, iF, and Good Design Award! Midea has 21 production facilities and 260 logistics centers worldwide. The company operates in 200+ countries and regions, and provides 53,26 Billion annual global revenue (USD).