ASBISC Enterprises PLC


ASBIS is the official distributor of Apple products in 11 countries of former Commonwealth of Independent States. Including the newly opened iSpace store, the Group currently operates 27 stores across all territories for which acts as an authorized distributor for Apple products. 

The new iSpace store is located in the capital of Armenia and the country's largest city Yerevan. The city has over a million inhabitants, which is nearly 1/3 of the entire country's population. Yerevan is one of the main industrial, scientific and cultural centers of Transcaucasia.

The newly opened iSpace store has an area of nearly 110 m2 and is located in the Rio Mall shopping center. It is designed as an Apple brand showroom. Here customers will be able not only to buy original Apple products, see the functionality of individual products, but also repair and exchange damaged equipment. iSpace is a network of Apple technology stores with the prestigious status of Apple Premium Reseller run by ASBIS. It is also present in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and shortly in Moldova and Uzbekistan.

The opening of iSpace in Yerevan met with great interest from the inhabitants of this city, who flocked to the showroom during the opening. 

Costas Tziamalis, Deputy CEO of ASBIS Group, commented: “The Transcaucasia region is of high importance to ASBIS and we are seeing a great potential in it. The opening of the second iSpace store in the country was a natural development since the success has been significant. It is currently the largest Apple store in this country, with great potential not only to promote and of course to sell the legendary products with the apple sign. Our cooperation with Apple is developing very well, so I am convinced that we will open more Apple stores in countries where we are an authorized distributor of the brand.”