ASBIS assembled the top technology industry leaders in Riga

ASBIS hosted the Vendor’s day 2024 event in Riga on February 6th, bringing together vendors, partners, and end-users under one roof. This year’s event was marked with the main tagline “Win-win partnership over time”, emphasizing the enduring and mutually beneficial partnerships that ASBIS creates.

The event boasted an impressive lineup of participants which included Logitech, Seagate, Pure Storage, AMD, Supermicro, Intel, A10, Sandisk, Bang & Olufsen, Nvidia, and Devialet. ost of them have been united with ASBIS for decades through fruitful cooperation, moonshot projects, and discovering new business heights.

ASBIS Vendor’s day 2024 provided an exceptional space to directly engage with vendors, attend cutting-edge presentations on the latest innovations, and confidently negotiate valuable partnerships while enjoying networking opportunities.