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ASBIS and Seagate celebrate the 30th anniversary of their partnership

June 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the distribution partnership between the value-added distributor ASBIS and Seagate, a leading manufacturer of storage solutions. Seagate was the first global IT vendor that ASBIS signed a distribution agreement with back in 1992, and the companies share a long history of successful cooperation.

During these 30 years, ASBIS achieved great results for its partner and maintained its position as the leading Seagate distributor in the EMEA region. The partnership evolved from the distribution of general HDD, SDD, and external drives to include more complex and professional solutions.

In October 2020, the partnership was further expanded when ASBIS began distributing Seagate Storage Systems in the EMEA, becoming the first to introduce the enterprise-class storage systems directly from Seagate in the region. The great results from this business direction were distinguished by the “Systems partner of the Year 2021” award that Seagate presented to ASBIS.

“ASBIS and Seagate share a long journey and have a lot to remember and celebrate together, but we also have a lot to look forward to. This is an example of a great strategic partnership that only grows stronger with time and strengthens both parties, and we hope that our mutual respect, constant loyalty, and unparalleled expertise will lead to many more anniversaries like this!” – said Marek Horyl, Product Marketing Director at ASBIS.

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