ASBIS and Pure Storage participated in Elisa TechDay 2023

ASBIS was honoured to participate in the esteemed Elisa TechDay 2023 event, which took place on September 28th in the Baltic region. This event was centred around the critical topics of cybersecurity, future technologies, and innovation and featured experts from Estonia and abroad. The special guest of the event was the esteemed president of Estonia, Alar Karis.  

During the Elisa TechDay 2023 event, ASBIS, in partnership with Pure Storage, proudly showcased high-tech solutions and products. As a Gold Plus partner, Pure Storage was able to demonstrate its expertise and innovative solutions in the field of data storage technology and services. Its workshop was a major highlight of the technical sessions.  

The event provided valuable insights into informative case studies and the latest technology trends and concerns in cybersecurity and future technologies. The sessions held concurrently on two stages, were informative and engaging and provided attendees with a unique opportunity to stay updated on the latest developments in these critical fields. 

Elisa TechDay, the IT and management conference, is already in its 18th year. The 2023 event was focusing on cybersecurity, future technologies and innovation. For the second consecutive year, TechDay was offering workshops and an open EXPO area for participants to engage in.