ASBIS and AMD mark 20 years of partnership 

ASBIS Group, a leading IT distribution company, has enjoyed a solid and long-standing partnership with AMD, a global technology leader specializing in the development of semiconductor products and technologies. This partnership has endured for 20 years since the distribution agreement was signed, demonstrating the strength of their collaboration.  

During the preceding two decades, a partnership characterized by broad and productive cooperation and synergy has developed between ASBIS and AMD, resulting in mutual benefit. This partnership has thrived, encompassing over 40 countries in the EMEA region and featuring an extensive range of vendor products. These products include processors for desktop PCs, servers, and workstations, as well as Radeon PRO Graphics. 

“Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has been an invaluable strategic partner to ASBIS, forming an integral part of our business infrastructure for the last two decades. Our partnership has been leveraged to achieve remarkable success, and together, we have catalyzed significant advancements in the technology industry. As a dynamic duo, we continue to drive innovation and transformation in the sector. ASBIS takes immense pride in being a reliable distributor for AMD, and we are committed to supporting AMD in all its developmental endeavors. The long-term strategic partnership between AMD and ASBIS is a testament to our mutual success and shared vision. Together, we strive to elevate the industry and strengthen its foundations.” Martin VRBA, Senior Business Development Manager 

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