AROS and Autonomics have teamed up to bring a groundbreaking outdoor cleaning solution

AROS and Autonomics have teamed up to bring a groundbreaking outdoor cleaning solution 

AROS’ research and development team, in collaboration with Autonomics, the developer of autonomous control systems for service robots and unmanned vehicles, has introduced an advanced outdoor cleaning solution. This solution aims to help municipalities and businesses maintain clean urban environments while reducing labor and associated costs.

The collaborative outdoor cleaning solution made a remarkable debut at the Reflect Festival in Limassol on May 30 and 31, showcasing its effectiveness and potential. 

The solution, based on robotics and artificial intelligence, comprises three key components: autonomous cleaning robots, maintenance infrastructure, and online fleet management software. Its installation and operation are quick and seamless. 

This cutting-edge compact cleaning robot is fully electric and designed for round-the-clock operation in urban settings. Equipped with advanced self-driving software, it can safely navigate crowded areas and detect obstacles even in challenging lighting and weather conditions. Perfect for cleaning sidewalks, parking lots, and bike paths, it utilises intelligent algorithms to track moving obstacles and predict their trajectories. 

The AROS solution is capable of addressing multiple issues at once. It effectively reduces dependency on low-skilled labour, lowers cleaning costs, seamlessly integrates with existing processes, and guarantees high-quality cleaning. This makes it well-suited for use by municipalities, property management companies, and the HoReCa industries. 

An innovative self-operating cleaning robot is designed to provide exceptional assistance to local governments and businesses. Its user-friendly system, reliability, and high cleaning standards make it an indispensable cleaning solution. Utilizing advanced software, this state-of-the-art robot represents a new era in cleaning robotics. In anticipation of analysts’ predictions that the shortage of personnel in the hospitality industry will lead to increased investments in robotics, with a projected growth of up to 50% by 2025, we are confident that this innovative solution will be a valuable asset to many businesses.”, – commented Anastasios Moschatos commercial leader of AROS