tips from ASBIS Poland

How to maintains the leading position in the is demanding polish market? Top tips from ASBIS Poland

ASBIS serves as an excellent example of how effective geographical and product diversification can help a company cope with persistently unstable business situations. The company is actively engaged in Eastern and Central European markets. Although the Polish market is demanding compared to neighbouring markets, has high expectations, and has no tolerance for mediocrity, ASBIS has quickly adapted to meet these demands. For 25 years of presence in this market, the company has constantly increased its existence and demonstrated very high financial results.

Przemyslaw Wierzbicki, General Director of ASBIS POLAND, overviewed the latest tech market trends and needs and how the company maintains its leading position in the market. The main points of his interview are outlined below.

The right team is crucial for success in any company. People have always created companies. The ASBIS has united a team of top-notch professionals who possess a unique combination of deep industry expertise, knowledge of the latest IT trends, and an understanding of how businesses operate and what is essential for clients. This enables the company not just to meet their business needs but also to anticipate their requests.

Product diversification. As market demands have changed, the scope of ASBIS’ portfolio has also changed and expanded. Currently, ASBIS consists of the following departments: IT distribution, including distribution of computer components from the world’s largest brands; IT & IoT Solutions offering arrays and servers; and the division of own brands such as Canyon, Prestigio, Prestigio Solutions and Aeno. Last year, the company’s portfolio was expanded with two new divisions: the Video Surveillance and Security Division, which offers innovative solutions in the field of technical security, and the Robotics Division (AROS), which provides industry-specific solutions.

Trend-prediction. As part of an international group, ASBIS Poland has access to personalised market research, which helps to focus on areas that require development and opens other possibilities for action. The company always audits the technology market, giving a 3D vision of trends, customers’ needs, and new vendors. For example, during times of crisis, some distributors abandoned premium brands in their portfolio. However, ASBIS understands that the demand for premium brands is also an investment of capital, so this business is stable and growing in times of crisis.

Therefore, the premium brands department is a significant business for the company, which includes Loewe and Bang&Olufsen. The company has implemented a different sales model than the classic distribution model, requiring an entirely different sales approach and customer service. Moreover, the company has adapted new sales approach to accommodate the changes in customer service requirements for luxury brands.

Another advantage of a market audit is anticipating business needs and understanding which new players in the market can cover them. The company’s understanding of trends allows it to organically develop and fill its vendor portfolio or introduce new projects, such as Breezy, which specialises in repairing used smartphones.

This reveals another secret of ASBIS’ success in the Polish market – Responsible business.

The Green Transformation significantly influences the company’s trade and its vision for the future. ASBIS has integrated its responsible position into the business startup – Breezy, with the largest branch in Poland. This branch serves Europe and the CIS market by supplying refurbished smartphones from various manufacturers.

Currently, no other company in Poland can repair 30,000 smartphones per month except ASBIS. This has a significant impact on limiting the production of new devices and thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Please note that the complete interview is available in Executive Magazine.