ASBIS recognized as a Great Employer

ASBIS recognized as a Great Employer in 2023

ASBISC Enterprises Plc is pleased to report that it has been officially ranked 3rd in Cyprus National Best Workplaces™ 2023 in the medium companies list, a category that recognizes companies with between 100 and 250 employees, according to the global authority on workplace culture Great Place to Work®.

This prestigious recognition is based entirely on real and anonymous feedback from employees and their experience working at ASBIS. The final ranking shortlist includes 20 Cypriot companies, among those certified in 2022, that have succeeded in business while prioritizing care for their employees. 

Having teams made up of ambitious and forward-thinking individuals inspire us to strive for improvement each day. That’s why at ASBIS, our goal is to offer exceptional compensation and comprehensive benefits packages that promote a healthy and productive lifestyle. We continually strive to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of our valued employees.

At our company, we value a flexible work environment that allows for both in-office and remote work. We utilize cutting-edge technology to provide our clients with exceptional service and ensure that our employees can work comfortably, regardless of their location”, – said Marios Christou, Chief Financial Officer of ASBIS Group. “We are proud to be recognized as a great place to work. In ASBIS we strive to be a company that our people trust, a place to work where they have plenty of opportunities to thrive and excel and be empowered to do their best and where every voice is valued. For us leadership in the industry starts with a strong team and values we share across our company and beyond. Therefore, our people are the key to our culture and the main reason for all milestones we achieve as a company.

Julia Prihodko, Chief Human Relations Officer of ASBIS Group commented, “Our people make this a great place to work. We are so very proud of our talented employees who are among the best and brightest in the business. We just listen to them and come up with their expectations. This strong and trusted link helps us create a culture that promotes collaboration, inclusivity, and excellence.

Overall, the ASBIS team around the globe counts over 2500 people in over 28 offices. Partly because of its size, and partly because of its truly global coverage, ASBIS is committed to building a positive work environment where everyone will find a culture of inclusion, support, and opportunities to achieve their potential. This sense of togetherness makes ASBIS so remarkable in the market.