ASBIS honoured with two awards from Lenovo simultaneously

ASBIS has once again proven their excellence as a top distributor by Lenovo. It has earned the distinguished titles of Lenovo ISG and IDG distributor of the FY 22/23, cementing its position as a leader in their field.

We are proud to announce that ASBIS Slovakia (ASBIS SK), a subsidiary of ASBISC Enterprises PLC (WSE: ASB), honoured with the esteemed Lenovo ISG distributor and Lenovo IDG distributor FY22/23 awards. This recognition reaffirms ASBIS’ position as one of the top performers in Lenovo PC and Smart Device sales as well as smart infrastructure solutions and highlights its exceptional technology expertise.

ASBIS Slovakia has consistently delivered exceptional sales and played a crucial role in driving Lenovo’s growth in the market year after year.

The partnership between ASBIS and Lenovo is not only successful but also built on shared CSR values. ASBIS has made a remarkable contribution by joining a project that supports science and research through demanding numerical simulations and data analyses, with the help of a supercomputer from Lenovo. This valuable step will significantly enhance all sectors that rely on innovation.

“We are thrilled to have received the awards and would like to convey our appreciation to Lenovo for the deep bond of trust and collaboration we have built over time. I am immensely grateful to my colleagues and business partners for their invaluable contributions to our outstanding accomplishments”, –  Andrej Buchamer, General Manager at ASBIS SK.